Ways You Can Prevent Water Damage in Downriver Michigan

Ways You Can Prevent Water Damage in Downriver Michigan

Water damage in your home can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes in disasters such as a flood, the water damage occurs right away but sometimes there are problems which occur that can make your home have water damage which happen over a longer time. Being able to identify problems while they are still small can help to reduce the damage done by water in your home and even prevent mold growth if you can find it fast enough. Use the following tips to help prevent water damage in your Downriver Michigan home.

Ways You Can Prevent Water Damage in Downriver Michigan

Water damage can happen quickly and the longer water remains in your home the more likely damages from the problem will increase. As water spreads through areas of your home it can cause more and more damage and if it’s not properly taken care of you may also have a problem with mold in the home which can become quite costly depending on how much it has spread. Taking a few minutes each month to make some routine checks can help prevent water damage in your home and help you to locate any problems that may be present.

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Make Sure Your Gutters Are Working as They Should

One problem that many homeowners ignore is clogged gutters. While it may not seem that way since they are on the exterior of the home they can really start causing problems when they are clogged or not working properly. This is especially true if you have a basement in your home. Gutters that are not functioning properly can cause water to back up into the roof which can make the roof leak. It can also cause a roof ice dam, or seep into the foundation of the home. Make sure your gutters are free and clear to prevent damages.

Routinely Check for Leaks

Water leaks can happen suddenly when a pipe bursts but sometimes they start really small. Check in areas of the home which have water connections and look for signs of leaks. Check areas such as under your bathroom sinks, around appliances, and other items which are connected somehow with water. Sometimes problems such as a washer leaking can lead to water damage in your home so it’s best to routinely check for signs of a leak on those items.

Check Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump in your home make sure it works as it should. A sump pump malfunction can lead to all sorts of water damage problems. If you haven’t had your sump pump checked lately it may be a good time to do so to prevent any problems in case it is needed.

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Check for Frozen or Damaged Pipes

During the winter months having a frozen pipe almost always ends in a water leak of some kind. Making sure your pipes are fully insulated can help with this problem. It’s also a good idea to routinely check the pipes for problems. Sometimes when a pipe freezes and then thaws it can have small leaks which may not be obvious at first but will continually leak water into your home. Taking a few minutes each month to look over pipes that are exposed can help to prevent problems. For instance, if your hot water tank is located in the garage make it a point to routinely look at the pipes to ensure they are not leaking. This one step can help to prevent a leak which can not only cause water damage in your home but also run up your energy bill for the home.

Become Water Aware

Looking for areas in your home that are discolored in some way or look like they may have been damaged by water is important. Sometimes problems such as a roof leak can lead to water damage in your home but may only be present after or during a rainstorm. Keep a keen eye out for any signs of water damage and address them as they come up quickly can help to prevent further damages and expenses that you may face.

Call a Home Restoration Contractor if you Find any Water Damage

If you’ve found problems in your home be sure to call a home restoration contractor to dry up any water and remove any mold that may be present. Call the professionals at Downriver Restoration today for a free quote on your water damage needs in Downriver Michigan.