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Will Your Mold Come Back After Getting Mold Remediation Service?

Mold can be a devastating discover in your home. With so many questions that many home owners have the number one is usually will the mold come back after it has been removed. In order to properly answer that question we’ll need to dig a little deeper into how the mold was started and more importantly how it was removed. Hiring a mold remediation company in Ann Arbor Michigan can help to eliminate the mold from your home but unless you take steps to prevent it and find the underlying problems, the mold will likely come back. 

Will Your Mold Come Back After Getting Mold Remediation Service?

If you have a small amount of mold in your home, sometimes it can be removed safely by the home owner but there are things you’ll need to ensure you do in order to eliminate all the mold. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to mold removal such as bleaching the mold to kill it. If you’re not really sure of what to do, it’s always best to hire a mold remediation company in Ann Arbor Michigan to remove the mold for you. For homes with a larger mold problem, you’ll certainly need to hire a mold remediation contractor. But after this process, do you need to worry about the mold returning? First, you’ll need to know what caused the mold to begin with and deal with any of the problems that was the culprit of the original mold growth. If you don’t repair these problems then the mold will likely return and you’ll be forced to have the mold removed again and again. If repairs were properly done and the mold was properly removed by professionals then the mold should not return.

Will Your Mold Come Back After Getting Mold Remediation Service?

What Causes Mold To Begin With?

There are many causes that happen which causes mold to grow in your home. The biggest problem is water in the home. The moisture that sits in place from things like a slow leaking pipe or roof leak which may not seem like much of a problem initially but can potentially promote mold growth in your home. Not only that when you have higher humidity in your home the mold will also start to grow. This can be caused by improper ventilation in the home such as blocked vents or fans not functioning properly. Mold also likes to grow in dark areas such as attics and inside walls and basements. The mold feeds on the moisture along with wood and drywall in your home. Mold is silent and can grow and grow until you finally notice it and by then it can be all over your home. Removing the mold without removing the cause of the mold however will likely result in the mold coming back.

The Mold Remediation Process

Most mold remediation contractors will have a process in place to deal with the mold. First they will analyze the mold and determine the cause and type of mold. Then the mold removal process is started and all mold in the home is removed. They will also address the cause of the mold and repair your home when doing so, although this may cost more. Finally, they will do a final check for mold and spores to determine if all mold was removed. From that point you should be clear of mold in your home.

Proper Cleanup is Crucial

In order to ensure the mold doesn’t come back you’ll need a full cleanup of the affected area. It may seem a bit redundant to clean walls and ceilings but getting rid of the mold completely is the goal. Don’t put off cleaning up after the mold removal process and make sure that any moisture and humidity in the home are dealt with.

Call a Professional Mold Remediation Company

As you can tell, when it comes to mold removal in your home there are many things that will require an expert. Don’t take chances on the mold coming back to your home in just a few short months. Be sure to call an expert mold removal specialist today if you need mold removal in Ann Arbor Michigan. A2 Restoration is a fully licensed and insured mold remediation contractor and can help you eliminate the mold in your home quickly.