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Why Water Stains Should Not Be Ignored in Ann Arbor Michigan

Moisture is one of the most serious threats to any home. While natural disasters, fires and break ins can cause damage to your home, they are something that you can prepare for and protect yourself. But moisture is often overlooked and seen as not a big deal. But once you see signs of water damage in Ann Arbor Michigan, it is often already a very serious issue and should be addressed quickly.  If you are noticing brown stains on your ceiling or walls, it is important to take action now and deal with any type of water damage that may be in your home.

Why Water Stains Should Not Be Ignored in Ann Arbor Michigan

Many times if water damage is found and dealt with quickly much of the damage can sometimes be minimal. But when you wait the damage can start to get really bad exponentially. For instance, when you first notice a water stain on your home’s ceiling, chances are you’ll be able to repair the problem that caused the water damage and then only need to repaint the ceiling. However,  once the ceiling is wet a few more times chances are the drywall will need to be replaced. Not only that but if the leak remains for an extended amount of time you may also have mold growth in the home which can be really bad. Not only for the home but for your health as well.

Moisture most often comes from the roof of your home and works its way down. It wears away your shingles and sub roof, and can sit in your attic for a very long time. This is because there is very little chance of the water drying in such an enclosed and warm space. That allows the moisture to collect and built. As the moisture continues to travel downwards, it can create perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow.

Mold can easily spread throughout your entire home and your belongings inside. Black mold is toxic and can create serious health problems for all who live there. The only way to completely eliminate mold is to remove any porous materials from the home and clean it with a mold remover on non-porous materials.

Moisture can also cause warping and rotting to the wood on your home. This includes the structural beams in your home. They will all need to be removed and replaced in order to keep your home structurally sound and safe.

Why Water Stains Should Not Be Ignored in Ann Arbor Michigan

Why Water Stains Should Not Be Ignored

By the time the brown water stain becomes noticeable, this leak will have been occurring for some time. That means that the problems mentioned before can already be starting, if not in full effect. The larger the water stain is, the longer the leak has been occurring.

These stains are a serious sign that your roof is leaking and that moisture damage is present. Without proper intervention, the problem can escalate even further and cause you to spend much more money trying to repair the damage already done. Prolonging it can lead to issues like mold, structural damage, health issues and even roof cave ins. You can also end up with a fire in your home when the water comes into contact with wiring, as well as shocks strong enough to cause serious damage and even death.

Ignoring water stains on your ceiling can also lead to you having to pay out of pocket for the repairs. This is because insurance companies don’t like to pay for damages that could have been prevented. By ignoring the water stains, you allowed the problem to continue, and you can end up paying for everything on your own.

To protect your home, your property, your investment, your loved ones and yourself, you should never put of any signs of water damage in your home. This especially true when it comes to your roof. So before you decide that those brown stains on your ceiling aren’t a big deal, think of all the problems that comes with waiting.

When you have water damage in your Ann Arbor Michigan home it’s always best to call a home restoration contractor. One of the best contractors that can deal with water damage as well as remove any mold in your home is A2 Restoration. Call them today at 734-548-9920.