home Water Damage What Should You Do If You Have Water Damage in Franklin Michigan

What Should You Do If You Have Water Damage in Franklin Michigan

When most people think about water damage inside their home usually the first thought that comes to mind is a flood where water rushes in the home destroying and soaking everything. Although flooding can damage your home and it does happen from time to time there are many other things that are more common when it comes to water damage. There are also some things that you can do if your home is getting water damage as well. Although having a water restoration contractor in Franklin Michigan come out and help with the damage these tips can help you minimize the damages from water damage in your home. 

What Should You Do If You Have Water Damage in Franklin Michigan

Many of the problems that are associated with water damage are actually home components that fail in one form or another. Your water damage may be coming from a leak in your roof during rain storms. Or it can be caused by a broken water pipe which continually sprays water in your home damaging all sorts of areas. Other common problems include appliance failures and drain issues. In any event getting the water stopped quickly and then making sure the cleanup is done correctly is a must. Hiring a water restoration contractor in Franklin Michigan can certainly help you get cleanup underway and start the drying process for the home but the following are things that you can do to minimize the damage to the home.

What Should You Do If You Have Water Damage in Franklin Michigan

Stop the Water From Coming In

Depending on the problem that is happening you may be able to stop the water from coming into your home. For roof leaks there is nothing you can really do. Some roofing contractors offer emergency temporary roof repair if the storm is set in for days. You should not attempt to make roof repairs yourself however as it is very dangerous. If the water damage is being caused by a broken water pipe which is basically like a faucet running inside your home you’ll need to find the valve that cuts the water off. Shutting off the water can stop the water from damaging more areas. You may also need to close the main water valve which is usually located in front of the home.

Move Items From the Path of Water

Water can damage all sorts of items in your home. Although the home itself can be damaged by water and it can cause a lot of problems but consider all the furnishings in your home as well. Furniture and electronics can be damaged by water easily. To help to minimize any damage to these items it’s best to move them away from the water source. If the roof is leaking which is causing the water damage make sure to use pots or buckets to catch as much water as you can and move items away from the leaking areas to prevent them from getting damaged further.

Trip Electrical Breakers or Switches

A big risk when it comes to lots of water coming in the home is the electrical components of the home. If the electrical outlets, light fixtures, or any other cords or devices are drenched or laying in water do not attempt to move them. Instead, find your circuit breaker box and turn the power off to those areas of the home. For massive water damage where many of the home’s electrical circuits are affected be sure to have the circuits checked before allowing power back through them. This is a very dangerous situation and should be handled only by professionals who are qualified.

Call a Home Restoration Contractor

In order to really get the home back into it’s former glory you’ll need to hire a professional home restoration contractor in Franklin Michigan. A professional contractor such as Michigan Restoration Pros will have the needed equipment to make sure your home is fully dried completely and they also rebuild any problem areas that may have been affected. Michigan Restoration Pros also has mold removal services available too in case the water damage has caused mold to grow in your home which can be unhealthy. Be sure to call Michigan Restoration Pros today to get a free estimate on their services and get your home back the way it was before the water damage occurred.