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Should You Attempt Mold Removal in Michigan Yourself?

Mold in a home is more common than many people realize. In fact, you may even have mold in your home right now that you can’t see or don’t know is there. Places that really help mold to thrive is in attics and basements are common because they are dark usually and not really visited that much. But just because you don’t know it’s there doesn’t mean it’s not hurting you. When you have mold in your home it’s always best to use a mold removal service in Michigan to get rid of the mold in the home and make it safe again. However, there are many different articles online that share information about removing mold yourself without the need of a contractor. In this article I’ll address if you should attempt a mold removal yourself. 

Should You Attempt Mold Removal in Michigan Yourself?

With so much information on mold in your home and how to remove it makes one wonder if it’s something that can be done by a home owner or not. For most mold problems the help of a contractor is needed because the mold spreads and not properly addressing this usually means that when it’s attempted by a home owner the mold is simply spread to a wider area. Spreading mold doesn’t get rid of the mold spores. In fact, it makes it worse in your home. A contractor will isolate and remove the mold without spreading it to other areas of the home.

Should You Attempt Mold Removal in Michigan Yourself?

Is Black Mold in Your Home Dangerous?

Black mold is considered by some to be dangerous to your health. There are different types of mold and each may have their own risks associated with them. To be sure you can have the mold that is found in your home tested to see just how dangerous it is. Typically however, all mold has some type of risk associated with it and should be avoided. And if its in your home it’s best to have it removed.

Don’t Bleach Mold in Your Home

A common remedy that some owners are attempting is to actually kill the mold with bleach. However, bleach doesn’t really kill the mold, instead it makes it much lighter. Making it lighter means it is more difficult to see in areas such as ceilings but it does not mean you have gotten rid of the mold. This is especially bad because it gives the home owners a false sense of security and safety. Don’t attempt to bleach mold as it may now work and allow the mold to grow faster because it won’t be seen.

Isolating the Mold to one Area

Mold remediation contractors in Michigan will always isolate the area where the mold is found. If there is mold present in one area of the home and not present in other areas then the mold infested area will be isolated while the mold is being removed. As you start removing the mold, spores can go into the air and if the area is not isolated these mold spores can go to other areas of the home and allow the mold to spread. If you are attempting to remove the mold yourself be sure to isolate the area accordingly.

Address Causes for Mold in Your Home

One thing that many home owners don’t consider is just how the mold got in their homes to begin with. Usually mold starts growing because there is a water source. The water can be from a variety of sources including a roof leak, plumbing pipe leak, humidity problem, or other moisture related problem in the home. It’s important that you address the cause for mold in the home. Without addressing and repairing the cause of the problem the mold will likely return and you’ll need to hire a mold remediation contractor in Michigan again.

Get an Estimate for Mold Removal in your Home

Before you attempt to remove any mold from your home be sure to first get a free estimate from one of the most reputable mold removal contractors in Michigan which is Michigan Restoration Pros. Call them today to get a free quote on your mold removal needs at  (248) 509-8104 or visit them online at MichiganRestorationPros.com for more information.