home Water Damage Should You Be Concerned with Cracks in Your Walls in West Bloomfield Michigan?

Should You Be Concerned with Cracks in Your Walls in West Bloomfield Michigan?

Many times a home owner will see cracks in the walls of their homes and panic thinking there is something wrong with the foundation or structural properties of the home. While this can be the case and many times it’s because of water damage to the home. Having a restoration contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan check to be sure what is going on is always advised. Included in this article I’ll discuss more on the topic of having cracks in the walls of your home.

Should You Be Concerned with Cracks in Your Walls in West Bloomfield Michigan?

So, you found a crack in your West Bloomfield Michigan home? We understand that finding a crack in your home can be concerning, but it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading to learn about the five common reasons why homes develop cracks and more importantly what you can do about it you discover these cracks in your home.

Should You Be Concerned with Cracks in Your Walls in West Bloomfield Michigan?

Settling of the House

There are two kinds of cracks that indicate your home is settling. If your home is relatively new, and you notice small cracks on the walls, then you shouldn’t be worried. This is completely normal and happens more often than you think. New homes often develop settling wall cracks because the lumber used to build your home is drying. While it might be tempting to fix these cracks right away, you should leave them alone until your home is at least a year old.

On the other hand, if your home is relatively old, you might notice cracks on the wall that appear above access points in your home, such as windows and doors. This only indicates your home is shifting and settling due to age. But, don’t worry because these cracks aren’t an indication of a foundational problem.  Simply re-tape and paint over the cracks as soon as you notice them.


If you have a vacation home you only use a few months out of the year, or leave your home for a few months due to a commitment like business, you might come home to a few cracks in your walls and even ceilings. Although this might be alarming, it shouldn’t be.

Houses are designed to acclimate to the way you heat or cool your home. When you don’t live in your home for an extended amount of time, you probably aren’t keeping the temperature regulated like you would if you were living in it. Therefore, your home doesn’t have any climate control, which causes expansion and contracting. In turn, cracks are the result of the lack of climate control.

Like cracks caused by settling, all you have to do is re-tape and paint these cracks.

Faulty Taping

Drywall panels require mud and paper tape to be adequately installed. But, the paper tape only remains tacky if there’s a substantial amount of mud underneath it. If there is a lack of mud, the paper tape will slowly unravel. This causes fine cracks on your wall.

There are a few ways you could fix this. If you notice one wall crack, then a heavy-duty glue should be able to fix the problem. But, if you notice a few cracks, you should hire a contractor to re-tape your walls.

Potential Leaks

If you notice wall cracks with yellow to brown stains, this is an indicator that your home has at least one leak. In the event this happens, you should immediately call your local contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan and a plumber. Your plumber will be able to find and repair the leak, so your contractor can move forward with fixing your walls. If the leak caused lots of water damage to the home make sure the home is checked for mold presence which can be dangerous for your health.

Structural Problems

Lastly, if you notice large cracks that run diagonal and are jagged, this is most likely an indication of structural problems. Common problems associated with these kind of wall cracks include foundation deterioration and even termite damage. If you notice these kind of cracks, it’s important to contact your local restoration contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan as soon as possible to fix the structural problem and replace the drywall.

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