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Three Popular Causes for Noisy Pipes in Downriver Michigan

Typically, pipes should be silent. Every now and then, you might hear a few noises. While this is normal, especially in older homes, you should never hear extremely loud or constant noises. If you experience this, it is classified as noisy pipes, which can be an indicator there is an issue in your pipes that might need to be addressed as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn about the top three causes for noisy pipes in Downriver Michigan and what you should do about it.

Three Popular Causes for Noisy Pipes in Downriver Michigan

While having noisy pipes can be quite common, many home owners don’t realize it. In fact, noisy pipes can sometimes be mis-diagnosed for all sorts of things. We’ve even heard some people claim that a home is haunted simply because of the pipe that were noisy in the home. And while your pipes may be noisy chances are it’s not caused by a ghost, but rather some other common problem like the ones listed below:

Three Popular Causes for Noisy Pipes in Downriver Michigan

  1. Blockage

If you hear a banging or rattling sound, you might be hearing what professionals call a water hammer. Typically, the water hammer is created by a blockage in a vent or pipe. This causes a vacuum to be created as water moves throughout the pipe. In return, the water attempting to move through this vacuum causes the rattling noise. This blockage can be caused by a variety of reasons. Sometimes birds will create nests in vent pipes and critters will get stuck in the pipes and block it.

For this situation, you might not have to call a plumber for your noisy pipes. Instead, try simply shutting off the water, then turn on the faucet that is located in the highest place in your home, as well as the faucet that’s located in the lowest place in your home. This causes the water to slowly stop in order to bring air into the line. After some time, turn your lowest faucet off, restart the main valve, and monitor the highest faucet until water freely runs through it again.

In the event that this doesn’t work, be sure to contact your local plumber in Downriver Michigan as soon as possible.

  1. High Water Pressure

If you notice you have noisy pipes that are unusually loud, then your sewer line most likely has high water pressure. Typically, this is most noticeable when you try to use your faucet. Unlike a blockage, you won’t be able to attempt to fix high water pressure by yourself. Instead, you should contact your local plumber as soon as possible. Diagnosing and repairing a sewer line can be dangerous because of toxic gases that may be present and should only be performed by professionals.

This is because high water pressure requires a professional to utilize equipment, such as a pressure regulator, to force your water to return to an average water pressure. Not only is this a somewhat difficult task for someone who isn’t experienced, but it can also be somewhat dangerous. That being said, leave the heavy lifting to your plumber.

  1. Loose Fittings or Mounts

Lastly, noisy pipes can be attributed to loose fittings or mounts along your pipe line. While you won’t be able to fix loose fittings or mounts by yourself, you might be able to detect the source of the issue. If you have noisy pipes that sound like rattling or a constant vibration, consider checking all your pipes. During your inspection, look at the corners for any loose parts. If you notice any loose parts, call your plumber as soon as possible.

Likewise, you should call your plumber if you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your pipes by yourself. Not only will a plumber be able to quickly and efficiently check your pipes, but they will also be able to create a detailed plan on how they can repair any loose mounts or other types of damage. This ensures you will have updated pipes as soon as possible.

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These are just a few of the problems that can lead to noisy water pipes in your home. To get your home’s pipes repaired be sure to call a qualified plumber in Downriver Michigan to help. Downriver Plumbers can diagnose any plumbing problem you may have and ensure your pipes are working as they should. Call them today at 734-548-9925 for service.