Skylight Downriver MI Water Damage

Stop Water Damage in Your Home By Changing Your Skylight in Downriver Michigan

Water damage in your home can happen for a variety of reasons. One way that damage can happen is because of a leaking skylight or other windows in your home. Skylights especially are problematic because they are typically located on the roof and exposed to much more water than other windows. A leaky skylight can cause water damage in Downriver Michigan and could cause mold to grow in your home. Checking your skylights regularly for damage is important and can prevent damage to your home.

Stop Water Damage in Your Home By Changing Your Skylight in Downriver Michigan

Many times a skylight will start to show damage before they actually end up leaking and causing damage. However, when it comes to checking the skylight many home owners simply can’t access the skylight and it’s never really checked. There are some things you can check however and consider when determining if your skylight is either failing or about to fail and cause water damage in your home.

Stop Water Damage in Your Home By Changing Your Skylight in Downriver Michigan

While skylights are a fantastic feature for your home, they will not last forever. Just like any other part of your home, it comes with a finite lifespan before it will need to be replaced. To help you to figure out when it is time to replace your skylight, you should consider certain factors.

You Should Consider the Age of the Skylight

Just like any other window, skylights are designed to last a certain amount of time before they will need to be replaced. The exact timeframe depends on the model of window, the materials used and where you live. As a general rule, you can expect to change your windows every 20 years. If your skylight is getting older and closer to that 20- year mark, then it can be better to replace it. Older windows are much less durable and will need more repairs, making it a better investment to replace.


Sadly, no matter how old your skylight is, it is always susceptible to damage. Skylights need regular maintenance, as does the rest of your roof, to help it stay healthy. But because of its location, even the best skylight can become damaged, regardless of maintenance. Whether it is from moisture, impact damage, or weathering, skylights can become warped, cracked or rot. When there is damage to your skylight, it can make it easy for moisture to get in and for leaks. With leaks comes mold, making it crucial that you replace a skylight when damage is serious and not easily repairable.

Energy Efficiency

Damage can greatly impact the overall energy efficiency of your home, making it easy for air to flow in and out. You can end up spending much more in heating and cooling costs each month, trying to keep your home’s temperature regulated. But you can also save much more by upgrading a healthy skylight into a more energy efficient one.

There are lots of fantastic options for increasing your home’s energy efficiency through your windows. A skylight can incorporate many of these features, making it perfect for both saving money, and helping the planet. From coatings, to multiple panes, gas fillings and more, for every feature you add, the greater your home’s energy efficiency.

Other Replacements Being Done

Perhaps the best time to replace a skylight is when you are replacing other parts of your home. Roof replacements are by far the best option when it comes to replacing skylights because there is minimal extra labor needed to do the job. This is also a good option because it will help you keep track of when your roof and skylight were replaced and expect to do it again at around the same time.

Another option is when you are replacing your windows in your home. You are already at the store picking out windows and setting up labor and delivery. It is easy to add onto your order a skylight, and can end up saving you money as you buy your windows all at the same time.

What To Do if Your Skylight is Leaking

When your skylight starts to leak it is always best to get help quickly with the problem. One home restoration contractor that can help is Downriver Restoration. Give them a call today if you have water damage in your home at 734-619-7610.