How to Keep Your Basement from Flooding And Causing Water Damage in Your Home

Having a basement can be really good for storing items and even making an extra room in your home. Many home owners create all sorts of interesting rooms such as home theater rooms and sports caves in their homes with a basement. However, if a basement starts to leak and floods with water it can quickly turn into a disaster in your home. Once your basement floods you may need to get a contractor that does mold removal in Ann Arbor to clean the basement and remove the water and mold. Protecting your basement can prevent water damage and early detection when there is a problem can eliminate much of the cost associated with a flooded basement. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these tips to save money and protect your home’s basement. 

How to Keep Your Basement from Flooding And Causing Water Damage in Your Home

From a heavy rainstorm to snow melting, there are many different reasons why a basement could flood in Ann Arbor Michigan. Given that they are the lowest level of your home, basements are the first victims of flooding. There are also storm and sanitary sewers underground that can put your basement in danger. Just a small crack in the foundation could leave your basement submerged in water. Before you know it, your carpet and all your furniture are completely damaged. Flooding can occur anytime of the year, even if you have never had water damage in your basement before. And when water damage does occur in the basement getting it repaired quickly and professionally is very important. Flood prone areas such as land next to rivers are at especially at risk. Fortunately, there are a few measures you can take to avoid water damage. Here’s a look at the best way to keep your basement from flooding:

Landscape Your Yard

Landscaping your yard doesn’t just boost the appearance of your home, it also helps fight off water damage. This first you can do to keep your basement from flooding is have your yard graded. Yard grading is when a landscaper reslopes the ground so that water travels downward from your house. The landscaper essentially takes the dirt and pulls it away from the home, making is so that the area of land right next to the house is at a higher elevation then the rest. Another thing you can do is plant a rain garden near your house. These gardens consist of native plants that absorb water from runoff.

Clean Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean is key to avoiding water damage. If leaves and other debris are clogging up the gutter, water might pour out the side and fall right on your foundation. It’s especially important to make sure your gutters don’t get clogged with ice during the winter time because this could be detrimental to your foundation. Regularly inspecting your gutters is the best way to keep your basement from flooding.

Repair Cracks in Your Foundation

Not taking care of your foundation can leave you with thousands of dollars of water damage. When there’s too much pressure on your foundation, it tends to crack. A professional contractor can inspect your home’s foundation and repair any cracks. If you don’t see any signs of cracks right off the bat, look for signs of water damage. Even after you fix the cracks, you should continue to watch them to make sure no water is coming through. Giving your basement a quick inspection each month can also help to find potential problems from developing.

Clean Floor Drains

Floor drains are crucial when it comes to preventing flooding in your basement. If these get clogged with dirt, buildup can occur that will in turn cause flooding. Even if your basement gets severe damage from a rain storm, a clean floor drain will help you clean up the damage. The best way to clean your floor drain is to have a contractor come in and inspect it.

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