Why Water Damage in Downriver Michigan is Such a Major Issue

Unfortunately water damage can cause major issues if left untreated to your roof, home, and even you. Water damage to your roof or home shouldn’t be left unattended nor neglected as it can get worse and cause bigger problems, so having the issue repaired will prevent further damage. So today we’ll go over why water damage in Downriver Michigan is a major issue in this list.

Why Water Damage in Downriver Michigan is Such a Major Issue

Whenever water starts damaging your home, whether it be from a leaking roof or a faulty gutter system, it can cause a health risk to you and your family. Mildew and mold can start to grow due to water seeping into your home. This can cause a health issues in time. Mold typically spreads throughout your home and start seeping into your carpet, which is not easy to remove. Another type of mold is black mold, which typically clings onto your walls and ceilings, to have it removed can be very expensive if you wait too long to have it messed with. These things are prone to causing health issues to you and your loved ones, due to lack of maintenance of your roof. So be sure to have it inspected if you notice any type of mildew or mold growing in your home.

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Roof Issues

Water Damage can cause major issues to your roof as well. Your gutters are typically the culprit when it comes to water damage to your home, lack of maintenance of your gutters can cause lots of issues by them getting clogged up with debris, making water unable to flow to the downspouts. Instead, it will seep down the side of your home as it will form a pool of water on your roof, this can also make water seep into your basement, causing mildew and mold to grow there as well. So keeping your gutters properly maintained is ideal for every homeowner, as water damage can certainly be scary to homeowners.

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Fire Risk

Yes, water damage can even cause a fire risk to your home. Exposed wires running throughout your homes electrical system can be exposed by water from your roof or clogged gutters and cause a fire. This can be extremely scary and unpredictable. If you suspect your home has suffered from water damage, this you should have your homes structure inspected to ensure everything is proper and not causing harm to you or your home.

Structure Damage

Water damage often damages the structure of your home, leaking roofs are subject to rotting the wood structure that holds the weight of your roof up. So, if you notice your roof is or has been leaking for a while, then you should quickly have a professional roofing company come inspect your roof and make sure the structure of your home is in good shape and not failing, as this can certainly be life threatening. If your structures in your home start to give out due to water damage, then it can easily collapse, leaving devastation. Ceilings with dark stains on them are indication your roof has been water damaged, and it usually takes awhile for it to reach the ceiling, so if you notice dark stains on your ceiling you should call a professional as the leak as been there for far too long to have reach your ceiling. Your flooring can also be effected by water damaged, causing them to fail and potentially harming someone by falling through it. If you notice any type of bulking up in your floor or weak spots when you step on it, then your floors structure could be effected by water damage and should be repaired before any accidents happens.

So now you know why water damage is a major issue, and keeping your roof and gutters properly maintained can help prevent water damage. Making sure your gutters aren’t clogged up, allowing water to seep into your home as well as having your roof inspected regularly to prevent leaks and damages becoming worse is ideal. Hiring a professional home restoration company such as Downriver Restoration is the best choice when you have water damage in your home. Call them today at (734) 619-7610 for more information.