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Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Michigan Home This Winter

Winter brings on a lot of problems for your home that it doesn’t usually face during the summer. One of those problems is frozen pipes in your home. The weather in Michigan lately has been extremely cold and it puts a lot of homes at risk of water damage from frozen and burst pipes. When a pipe freezes it usually gets to a point where it ruptures and this can be extremely problematic. Having frozen pipes in Michigan home can lead to all sorts of water damage in your home and when they freeze and burst it’s important to take steps that can help prevent this water damage from occurring. 

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Michigan Home This Winter

Although the weather here in Michigan may be going up the threat of cold weather is still very real. In fact, there will likely be many more days where the temperatures at night dip well below freezing. These freezing temperatures can cause problems with pipes in your home and exterior because of the freezing threat that is presented. If your home has frozen pipes already be sure to turn off the water to that area of the home or if you’re unable to be sure to turn off the main water supply to your home. Once the pipes thaw and water begins flowing in the pipe again it will flood the home leading to all sorts of water damage. Here are some things you can do to help prevent the pipes in your Michigan home from freezing to begin with:

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Michigan Home This Winter

Do a Walk Around of Your Home

It’s always best to do a walk around your home both on the inside and outside and look for things that can be exposed to the weather. Although you may go in each room at different times a simple walk around like this can help you locate problems that you may overlook. It’s important to check areas which plumbing pipes are present. This can include areas like basements, garages, and patio areas. If you notice any pipes that are exposed they should have insulation on them to protect them from the cold.

Examine Exterior Water Pipes and Devices

Areas on the outside of your home can also be the problem. Water hoses and exterior faucets are quick to freeze and should be protected. It’s best to disconnect any water hoses from your home and cover the faucets. You’ll also want to look at the piping on any exterior plumbing devices such as garden sprinklers, pool pumps, and other outdoor components that have water. If there are pipes exposed be sure to turn off water and drain pressure from these components or insulate the pipes so they don’t freeze.

Keep Your Garage Closed

Most homes have water heaters and other components located in the garage which means there are plumbing pipes in the garage. Leaving the garage door open can allow these pipes to freeze. Make sure to keep the garage door closed during times when the temperature is below freezing.

Ensure All Rooms Are Heated

Many times home owners save money by excluding unused rooms from being heated. Rooms such as the laundry room or basement may not have heating because they simply aren’t frequented. However, since these rooms have plumbing pipes they can lead to freezing of the pipes which will cause water damage in the home once the frozen pipe bursts and thaws.

Drip Faucets During Colder Weather

Moving water is less likely to freeze than stationary water. Rivers which are running can be extremely cold but aren’t frozen because of this concept. Pipes are also under pressure which means they may freeze faster. Dripping your faucets during cold weather can ensure the water is moving in the pipes and it relieves pressure which can help with preventing frozen pipes.

What to Do If You Have Frozen Pipes

If you already have a frozen pipe in your home it’s important to take steps quickly to prevent water damage to your home. First you’ll need to turn off the water supply to your home then it’s best to call a professional plumber and home restoration specialist to repair the pipe and water damage if any has occurred. Michigan Restoration Pros is a fully qualified home restoration contractor in West Bloomfield Michigan and can help with any issues you have. Call them today at (248) 509-8104