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Signs You Have A Broken Sewer Line in Downriver Michigan

For most home owners, your sewer line will be buried under your yard and out of sight. This can make it easy to forget it is even there. But that is all the more reason why you need to be able to spot key signs that there is something very wrong with your sewer line. While it may seem like something that is not needed all the time, when something happens and you need to call a plumber in Downriver Michigan, getting the sewer line back to normal is crucial. There are some things you can see before a complete breakdown of the sewer line happens which we’ll cover in this post.

Signs You Have A Broken Sewer Line in Downriver Michigan

Without properly addressing sewer line in Downriver Michigan, you can end up with thousands of dollars in damages and a very disgusting problem to deal with. While no one wants to deal with a sewer line, taking care of it, in the beginning, is nothing close to what can happen once it’s too late. The biggest problem when a major sewer line is clogged is that water and sewage is backed up into the home. So not only will the problem be water damage in the home which can be really bad, but it is considered black water which means that it can be toxic. Usually when your home is affected by black water which is significant, you won’t be able to stay in the home until a restoration crew has removed the threat and the sewer line is repaired.

Signs You Have A Broken Sewer Line in Downriver Michigan

Your Drains Are Clogging Easily

It isn’t uncommon to have a clog in your drain every now and then, especially if there is more than one person living in the home. But with drain blockers and common sense, drain clogs should be rare. If you are noticing several different drains clogging frequently, especially if it is at the same time, this is a sign that there is something going wrong with the pipes and most likely the sewer line.

If you are not able to fix the clog with Drano or manually removing a blockage close to the opening, then this is a sign of a blockage further down the pipe line. This will require you to get a professional to come out and unclog the sewer line.

You Notice Soggy Spots In Your Yard

Sewer lines can be effected by construction or even tree roots hitting and penetrating through. But because how deep the lines are buried, it can be difficult to detect it. If your sewer line is leaking, it will effect the ground surrounding it. This can be determined by walking around your yard and feeling for soggy spots in the ground.

You Notice An Odor

While it is difficult to see a problem in your sewer line, your sense of smell will more than likely let you know. The smell is caused by gasses building up from a clog or sewer lines leaking. It will be a foul smell and will be persistent, if not worsening. If the smell is mainly in your home, it is most likely a clog in the pipe. But if the smell is stronger outside in your yard, this is a sign of leaking.

What To Do When A Sewer Line Breaks

It is crucial that you pay attention to these signs and are proactive when it comes to your sewer lines. You should have a plumber come out and inspect the line for signs of clogs or damage. If you ignore these signs and let them continue, not only can you end up with a horrible smell and ruined yard, but can end up having to pay out of pocket for the whole thing.

Insurance companies will not be happy if they know you ignored red flags and if it comes down to digging up your yard and replacing lines, you can end up on your own.

When you have a clogged drain it can sometimes be repaired with over the counter items. However, when it comes to the main sewer line you’ll almost always need a professional plumbing company to clear it. Call Downriver Plumbers today if you need drain or sewer clearing service at 734-548-9925.