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3 Key Signs that Could Mean Your Main Sewer Line in Downriver Michigan has Problems

No one likes to think about the main sewer line in their homes but when it has problems it’s something that needs to be dealt with right away. When your home’s main sewer line is damaged, broken, or clogged in some way it can lead to all sorts of damage for your home including water damage. One of the biggest problems is backed up water and gray water that your home may be exposed to. And this can cause all sorts of water damage to your home and even over time can cause mold growth as well. Having a licensed and certified plumber in Downriver Michigan come to your home and repair the main sewer line is a must if you’re having problems. if any of the following signs happen at your house be sure to call for a professional plumber for help.

3 Key Signs that Could Mean Your Main Sewer Line in Downriver Michigan has Problems

As with any home improvement project it’s always best to hire a reputable home improvement contractor or in this case a licensed and certified plumber. And although some plumbing problems can be handled as a do-it-yourself project when it comes to a main sewer line problem it’s always best to hire a professional who is licensed and qualified. Whenever you see any of the following problems in your home or experience these problems be sure to call for a certified plumber in Downriver Michigan:

A Foul Odor In Your Yard or Coming From Your Home’s Drains

With main sewer line problems it may not always something that you can see. Sometimes when a main sewer line has problems it backs up into vent pipes and other areas in the home which can be a prominent smell that you’ll notice almost immediately. Not only that but you may also find that the smell may be outside around your home especially in areas that may seem soggy around your home. Another problem would be a clogged sewer line in which the gases from the sewer line or pushed out through vent pipes and possibly the drains in your home which can lead to the stench. If something doesn’t smell right, it may be your main sewer line. 

Muddy or Soggy Areas Around Your Home Where the Sewer Line is Located

A leaking main sewer pipe can also allow sewage to drain into your yard. This usually occurs because the sewer line breaks for some reason or is damaged in some way. Although the main sewer may still flow from your home as it should it can lead to other problems including water damage to your home. Tree roots are a huge cause of this problem. What’s even worse is that the tree root will grow faster once the sewer leak starts and that ends up causing even more problems with your sewer pipe.

Drains That Are Always Getting Clogged

Does the drains in your home flow easily? if the drains in your home are flowing slowly or does not keep up with the water coming in to your home you may have main sewer line problems. Especially if this occurs on many of the drains in your home. If a single drain does this and the rest do not then it’s likely just a drain problem in that area. However, if many drains run slowly and get clogged easily then you may have a main sewer line problem. One huge problem with a slow-running drain is that in the event that it eventually stops up completely it can lead to many plumbing problems where you may have to take additional steps just to get the drain flowing again. Also your home could experience water damage from an overflowing fixture or drain.

Get Your Home’s Main Sewer Line Checked by a Professional Plumber

If you experienced any of the signs above it’s always best to hire a professional plumber to come out and inspect your sewer line. For homeowners in the Downriver Michigan area one of the best plumbers to hire is Downriver Plumbers. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and have always provided excellent service to their customers. They offer 24/7 Emergency Services and are a fully licensed and insured plumbing contractor in Downriver Michigan. Give them a call today to learn more at 734-548-9925.